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2014 Matilda's Secret Natural Sweet

South Africa
Western Cape
Bottle size
375 mL

This wine is a delicate and sweet wine with notes of raisin, apricot, vanilla and honey on the palate and delicate floral perfumes on the nose. The subtle mouthfeel and lingering aftertaste contains the perfect balance of fruit and citrus acidity.

Winemaking Notes

The Viognier grapes were meticulously selected and harvested by hand. On arrival at the cellar, further hand selection and sorting of the grape bunches was done. The grapes were gently pressed using a small basket press for optimal extrac-tion. After settling, fermentation occurred on the skins. The wine was then racked into 225-litre old French oak barrels where it spent 4 months ageing on the fine lees. Thereafter it was racked again into stainless steel tanks for flavour retention, whereafter it was bottled.

Growing Conditions

Benguela Cove’s close proximity to the Atlantic Ocean results in a cooler median daytime temperature and in cool maritime winds that caress the vineyards at night. This favourable climate, use of covered crops and the direction in which the vines face aid in the slow ripening of these grapes.
The Viognier grapes’ exposure to the cool ocean mist helped to slow the ripening process and produce grapes of concentrated intensity. The grapes were left on the vine until a lot of the natu-ral moisture had evaporated from the grapes resulting in a raisin-like texture with concentrated flavours.